Hi, I'm Nina Gaillard! A freelance artist based in Atlanta

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Chicken Sheriff Illustration
Summer Housing Boy Children’s Book
St. Valentine’s Academy Backgrounds
Horns Character Design
Evelyn Character Design
Portrait Drawings
Fitness Fred Logo
Talia and the Droplets (Children's Book)
Superhero Design
Balcony Design
Human Turnarounds
Creature Turnarounds
Inktober Pinups
Mermay Weddings
White & Pink
Shy Girl
Winter Air
Loving Me
Character Sketches
Inktober Witches
Key Frame Illustration (The Exodus)
Color Scheme Practice
Background Practice
Tomorrow (Vis 2 Comic)
Coloring Portfolio_Studies (2017)
Chase Scene Animatic
Isis Transformation Animatic
Y: The Last Man (issue# 27) pages 1-3
The Witchdoctor's Daughter Pages
Spaceman pages 3-4
DMZ pages 7-8
Overhead Schematic (National Treasure)
Star Wars Character Design
Ad Comp (Huggies)
Small/Big Budget Boards
Movie Stills (The Artist)
Split Sides (Snake)
Capable of Love Design
Fear of the Moon
Fish Girl
Repurposing Audio
Boringcitement (Vacuuming)
Sync Sound Assignment
Dawn's Story (Tarot Cards)
Imagined Location (Street View)
Character Design (Blank and Angie)
Purse Snatcher (Coloring)
X-Men Academy X Cover (Coloring)
Charlie Brown Strip (Coloring In Illustrator)
War Closet (Two Tone Rendering)
Troops (Coloring/Rendering)
Skelebones (Lettering)
Hellblazer (Lettering Assignment)
Shape Based Storyboard (Ice Cream Bullies)
Bloody Quest (Storyboards)
Bloody Quest (Beat Boards)
Bloody Quest (Abbi Character Sheet)
Bloody Quest (Character Line-Up)
Bloody Quest (Environment)
Environment Practice (Digital Painting)
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